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Welcome to My Photography Site! I do photography for fun.  I used to do some paid (and lots of trade) stuff (Check out my resume) but it got to be work, and took all the fun out of it... so now I'm retired. Completely. It's great. Now I shoot projects that sound fun for me or offer me (and my horse/dogs and/or also husband) a chance to go/do/see fun stuff. I never was one of those photographers with the flattery, poetic sayings. I'm just me, pretty straight forward... and even with all the fashion I used to shoot... I am barely outta jeans and tee-shirts. If I ever tried to dress up or talk as if I had a profound message - it'd be very awkward. I'm not a "seller". I just like to do a really solid job in my style... something you'll love and keep forever. So if you are looking for someone to shoot something fun without too much fluff, knowledge of lighting to make you look great and under promise/over deliver... contact me 
 You can also read some of the interviews I did (when I was pursuing photography) below. 

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AddressWill Rogers Equestrian Ranch
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
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