2011_01_09_30S_42102011_01_09_30S_4210LAURA MCCLURE First, I think it's important to know that I don't do this as a business, I am not a professional. 

Things I am interested in shooting: Horses: conformation, with rider, action, artsy photos etc. Fashion: western, boho, vintage, head shots, portfolio type work, open to ideas. Ranches! Gatherings branding, family photos (bonus if you let me horse and I ride along to take pics - I have an LQ trailer I can stay in). Dogs: portrait or action Locationsrustic, adobe, historic, decayed wood or brick Autos: classic trucks or classic muscles cars are my favorite Culture: Mexican or cowboy culture Events: If I am shooting at events, I try to make sure I touch base with management and if someone is selling prints in an official basis... I don't sell them, I just practice.

I typically shoot "tests" or "trade for print"- it's free for you.  If I met you and gave you a card or offered a shoot... it's a specific shoot I have in mind... maybe modeling for me... but this offer is only available if you contact me about it and we do it soon after I offer and it is not transferable to family, to include other people or redeemable at a later time. Mostly I see people I want to use in a current project and possibly on-going projects. Some are paid, others are not.

On my "tests": You would receive the whole shoot (usable shots) via download with a Royalty Free Personal License(License Types Information). You'd also receive a high resolution copy of any thing I edit if you ask. 

Important to know: I don't "guarantee" any extensive edits since the shoots are free. The images right out of the camera are often a "finished" quality themselves... but my edits are my personal touch, in my style.  If you request any specific photos to be edited or revisions of one of my edits, I have to charge you $20/hour for editing/graphics work since it then becomes "work".  Want guaranteed edits? $100 an hour for shooting: cash in advance. Includes 10 edited photos per hour. 

I don't require you put my watermark on the shot when you post it, but with all the image stealing and cat fishing - I highly recommend you keep my watermark on it. 

Wondering about locations? Check out this map and talk to me about where you'd like  to meet up. I'll be updating it regularly.