So, you like my work and want to shoot?

Did I give you a card offering a free shoot? Are you a model wanting a free shoot? Great. Glad you are here. 

You stumbled on my site, like to have me shoot something? Do you have an idea of what you want to shoot, where? Contact me with ideas, events with as much detail as you have.

Most shoots are for me (and free for you). You get to download the basic images online. If I edit images, the number will depend on what I think is good but typically one per look... you can also download the digital high res image. All images come with a  royalty free personal license. If you need a different license, please contact me. 

Rather have a Paid Shoot with guaranteed images? $100 an hour for shooting. All of the above plus 10 images edited, guaranteed.

"Special" edits meaning digital design are $25 a photo, paid in advance. This is where I take background out and design the whole image like these: 

DSC_2648-EditDSC_2648-Edit _DSC7454-Edit_DSC7454-Edit 2012_08_11_2012.08.11_11.03.25__30S0665-Edit2012_08_11_2012.08.11_11.03.25__30S0665-EditLAURA MCCLURE _DSC9322-Edit_DSC9322-EditLAURA MCCLURE

Samples of What I shoot: 

I offer:
1- In home studio set up. This takes time for me to set up and tear down but pretty flexible in scheduling.

2011_01_09_30S_42102011_01_09_30S_4210LAURA MCCLURE 2011_01_08_30S_3990sharp.100.3.22011_01_08_30S_3990sharp.100.3.2LAURA MCCLURE 2012_01_26__30S7506-Edit-22012_01_26__30S7506-Edit-2LAURA MCCLURE

2- On location at your home/ranch or a park, wilderness. If there is a permit fee for shooting, you cover that. Wondering about locations? Check out this map and talk to me about where you'd like  to meet up. 

DSC_4637-EditDSC_4637-Edit 2012.05.20_10.07.27__DSC6231-Edit-22012.05.20_10.07.27__DSC6231-Edit-2 2014_10_12__DSC8799-Edit2014_10_12__DSC8799-EditLAURA MCCLURE

3- Family / Couples

_DSC4389-Edit-Edit_DSC4389-Edit-Edit DSC_1401-EditDSC_1401-Edit _DSC5142-Edit_DSC5142-Edit

4 - Ranch 

_DSC7404-Edit_DSC7404-EditLAURA MCCLURE 2012_06_08_2012.06.08_05.31.04__30S9445-Edit2012_06_08_2012.06.08_05.31.04__30S9445-EditLAURA MCCLURE


5- Horses for Sale / Stallions

© Laura McClure All Rights Reserved--2© Laura McClure All Rights Reserved--2 2010_05_23_DSC_66532010_05_23_DSC_6653LAURA MCCLURE

6- Fashion 

2013_01_30__DSC2154-Edit-Edit2013_01_30__DSC2154-Edit-EditLAURA MCCLURE _DSC3680-Edit_DSC3680-EditLAURA MCCLURE 2012.05.20_20.56.37__DSC6533-Edit2012.05.20_20.56.37__DSC6533-Edit

7- Dogs

this image is copyright protected _DSC7845_DSC7845 _DSC1559-Edit_DSC1559-EditLAURA MCCLURE


I have a set of studio strobes and speed lights I can take anywhere and a Living Quarters Trailer for dressing room or camping out to shoot. If something is interesting to me - I'll probably do it.

When you book your shoot, I will discuss with you when is the best time of year, and time of day, for your session. I will also arrange for a phone consultation, some time in the few weeks before the date, to go through the planning in some detail.

What to Expect After Shooting:  

First, you should create an account or log-in to use the site features.

The shoot will be in an online gallery that you may download. Once there have been edits, they will be added to a gallery that has printing products and prints enabled. You an order directly from the site from these third parties of VERY high quality at my cost, no markup. I will not sign a release to print images at any pharmacy, Walmart, etc. The quality is not great and it will make my images look bad too. 

If it's a free shoot, I will pick my favorites to edit. If you paid for a shoot or If I had asked you to pick favorites and send them to me, here is how to do that. If you send me over the number you get - I'll choose my favorites from your favorites.

Edits are done in my style. Specific requests are taken into consideration, but ultimately I will do my best regardless. I've had people ask me to edit totally out of my style... please choose someone else to do your photos if you don't like my style. It's how I shoot and edit that makes me, me.

Editing process may take a couple days to weeks, depending on what I have going on.

Let's assume we've talked and it's "a-go".... read on.