Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

Here are the proofs for the event. You are welcome to use the "share" button on each pics to share on social media or even take a screen shot (hover over pic and look in bottom left corner). I don't mind since my watermark is on it.

There are a few already edited mixed in. If you order ANY image... I will do an extra edit on it for you before it goes out so it looks as good as it possibly can... it's just nearly impossible to edit all of them at once (too many!).

If you were there and want all of your low res images. I'll send them to you free but send a thumb drive, self addressed stamped enveloped and a signed model release to me (contact me for my address at [email protected]). One catch - all identifiable people in the pic must have a model release on file for this year/event. If you are in a pic with someone else who hasn't filed a release - It won't be with the pics.

Model release is here: CLICK