_DSC1568-Edit_DSC1568-Edit Getting Ready!

So, we have talked about what you want, where we are shooting, etc. When we set a time, that means a time when you are ready to shoot, not arriving.

I do not provide a make up artist, groom or even have an assistant. Any of these things can be arranged by yourself or I can help you, but they cost. While I may not be charging for a session, I cannot expect others to give their services for free. If you want to look your best, I highly recommend a makeup artist. 

Horse shot? The day before your shoot and on the day, make sure you allow ample time to prepare your horse. I suggest bathing your horse either the night before, or on the morning of the shoot, then keeping him or her stabled until the session. Most of the time, I suggest that manes and tails are left loose, clean, brushed and tidy; with some horses, though, plaiting can look better. Groom your horse as if you were going to a show, and have hoof oil ready for just before the session starts. We always have ample wet wipes and tissues around to keep muzzles clean. If your horse can be a little nervous without exercise, I suggest lunging or riding him or her on the morning of the shoot. This will usually take the edge off this and settle him or her ready for the session. Photographing horses can take a little patience.  Good preparation helps make a wonderful experience and allows us to capture some amazing images which you will treasure for years to come.

Dog?  Practice commands. If you don’t regularly use obedience commands, be sure to practice them a few days before the dog photo shoot to make sure your pup will do what you ask, when you ask. Make sure your dog responds to sit, stay and wait.  Grooming. To make sure your dog looks his best, either give him a bath or take him to the groomer. Be sure to do that two days before the photo shoot.  Trim your dog’s nails. If you choose a professional studio setting, trim your dog’s nails so he won’t leave any scratches on the floor or furniture. Walk your dog. About an hour before the dog photo shoot, it’s a good idea to take a walk to burn off some pent-up energy. This will help make your dog more relaxed and photogenic. Treats. If your dog is food motivated, consider bringing some along.  Don’t feed your dog. If your dog is hungry, she’s more likely to be alert and willing to focus.


What to wear: https://www.myclickmagazine.com/what-wear-photo-session/?fbclid=IwAR1RxoFfmNELBoQ-rj2-7shDC-1PKOfQtYim3elX4d6Sm8ROjegWhHvBuT8

Actor headshotshttps://www.diyphotography.net/heres-a-detailed-guide-to-prepare-you-for-your-actor-headshots/?fbclid=IwAR0e_oTZLkGrN-JIfe16PW7tTFuDsdCkAoJNYBCcZzOEhJP6odRCq2ex4RI

Models: Here are some good tipshttp://zerodean.photography/photo-shoot-preparation/how-to-prepare-for-your-photo-shoot/