Thanks for asking about my shoots! I try very hard to be able to come up with a solution that everyone can afford. Unfortunately with the cost of my time, equipment and fuel, I have to charge what I think is fair. In a "free" shoot I assume all the risk, so it costs more for individual services after the shoot. You can choose what pics you want, how many and what size; all on the website and all on your own budget.

I don't mark up (profit) from prints or do a hard sell after the shoot. I prefer to be paid for services, to shoot and edit images. The prints and products are handled through a lab via my website with NO MARK-UP and NO MINIMUM ORDER.

For example: ten 8x10’s with me will l cost you $40 instead of $40 for one 8x10 as other photographers might charge.

Typically the best values is $500 minimum service fee. With this, as described below, you get high resolution downloads of ALL your images... no matter how many.

FREE SHOOT: View proofs online. $150 service fee for high res photos (personal non-transferrable license) $75 service fee for low res photos (personal non-transferrable license).

PRE-PAID SHOOTS Per $100: View proofs online. Two high res downloadable advanced edited digital images of your choosing (personal non-transferrable license). $50 service fee for low res photos (personal non-transferrable license).

PRE-PAID $500 or over: you get to download ALL of the high res proofs service fee for low res photos (personal non-transferrable license). You still get two advanced edits for every $100 spent. You can also download low res versions of ALL your images and order anything on the site at my cost! Unbelievable value!

Commercial licenses Available, cost depending on use. Typically $100 each high res image or double entire order cost.

Mileage is .50 a mile from my door to door.


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PURCHASE PRINTS: CLICK HERE (for high res paid items)